Balkannabis Expo 2019 | 7 ,8 & 9 June 2019

Balkannabis Expo is an international exhibition for pharmaceutical and industrial cannabis.

It gathers a large number of exhibitors and visitors from the Balkans, Cyprus, Turkey and the Middle East. It turns its lights on the “economy of cannabis” as Greece emerges as a protagonist in the international industry of the plant. This exposition favors B2B partnerships as interest in imports and exports is intense.

In a specially designed area of more than 5000 m2, guests have the opportunity to get to know industry professionals from all over the world.

Cannabis leads in Greece!

Economy and Development

Cannabis strives around the world, in Europe, in the Balkans. Greece is at the heart of the "cannabis economy" as dozens of companies are flocking to "the European Cannabis Cultivation and Export Center." Millions of investments are expected and as a result thousands of jobs.

At the same time, in the field of industrial hemp, more than 200 Greek companies are already actively involved with the cultivation, processing and marketing of plant varieties that are not restricted to pharmaceutical use.

The concept of sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair development finds in the face of "the thousand-uses-plant" a unique leader.

Health, Science and Research

The recent entrance of cannabis in the healing field is solemn and its exploitation as a medicine for the symptoms of a multitude of diseases an avalanche.

Over the last years, scientific research about the pharmaceutical use of the plant has increased tenfold and is already offering safer and friendlier treatments to patients, while we are still at the dawn of relative discoveries.

However, little is known about the plant's potentials in the sectors of building and construction, the automotive industry and new technologies, nutrition and energy production, clothing and footwear.

In the 21st century, cannabis is leading global scientific research.

Society and Art  

A unique phenomenon in modern history, the plant became at the time of its total banning symbol of unconventionality and freedom.

From the hippies and the movement against the Vietnam War to May 1968 and the Greek "anti-banning movement", cannabis moves and rips the "prohibition policies". It flirts with art and is jealous of politics, it becomes songs, poetry, painting, theater and cinema.

At Balkannabis Expo 2019, we turn the headlights to a plant that has been linked to human history for seven thousand years in such a creative way.

7, 8 & 9 June 2019, cannabis leads at Balkannabis Expo!

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