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We have the pleasure to invite you to the first Cannabis Expo to be realized in Athens Greece right next to the sacred rock of Acropolis, after 80 long years of prohibition. Cannabis is a crop with 3000 years of history in the Greek soil and the time has come for its rebirth in the cradle of western civilization.
Cannabis is the Future! Greece has a new law on Hemp cultivation since 2016, Cannabis was declassified for medicinal purposes in July 2017 and a drug law reform permitting, under license, the production and processing for medicinal purposes is due by the end of December 2017. The business and investment prospects are phenomenal.
As such, the forerunners for the last 15 years of the hemp/cannabis legalization movement and the cannabis business sector in Greece, along with some of the most active cannabis initiatives, patient groups and international networks, have decided to pave the way for an effective cannabis regulation and for the sustainable development of the Greek Cannabis Industry. An exhibition linking business and science is born.

BALKANNABIS EXPO aims to become a networking focal point for Cannabis Connoisseurs and Businesses in S.E. Europe by providing a regular meeting place for the exchange of quality trades and state-of-the-art technologies, expertise and open knowledge regarding hemp and medical cannabis applications.
BALKANNABIS EXPO will host top cannabis traders, innovators, experts, industry professionals, policy-makers, activists and scientists from all over the world in a rich and diverse 3 day programme (1-3 June 2018) that will include two international conferences (MedCannabis Science & Athens Hemp Summit) with keynote speakers; cannabis culture workshops; a large exhibition area and international trade show; networking spaces; masterclasses; market area; music and other artistic performances.
Due to its direct links with the international Cannabis legalization movement and the cannabis business sector, BALKANNABIS EXPO organizers expect to host more than 100 exhibitors representing the state-of-the-art of the global cannabis industry and more than 24 experts, professionals and scientists that will contribute to the two international conferences, workshops and masterclasses. A targeted and wide-spread advertising campaign (nationally and internationally- EU, Balkans, Turkey) aims to attract more than 10.000 visitors during the 3 days of the Expo.

We offer different sponsor packages with escalating benefits. All sponsors will have considerable promotion opportunities and will be featured with their logos and websites in BALKANNABIS EXPO website, social media, media outreach campaign, printed and advertising material, as well as, on the dedicated Expo Catalog (Colored A5 freely distributed to expo visitors – 15.000 copies). The Grand Sponsor will gain considerable advertisement advantages on-site. Please consult the Sponsoring Application for details on sponsoring packages and benefits.

Exhibiting opportunities will be customized for any company or organization, based on their preference of facilities and furniture (please check the Exhibitor Application). Exhibiting at the BALKANNABIS EXPO provides a unique opportunity to develop new business opportunities, establish client relationships, brand your company name and generate awareness of your organization or cause.
Moreover, advertising opportunities are available through various means (flags, banners, gift bag, etc) at the Expo facilities, please check the dedicated Advertisement Application.
BALKANNABIS EXPO will be hosted in downtown Athens, next to the historic center, in a renovated, multipurpose, cultural and exhibition space (TECHNOPOLIS City of Athens) with easy public transport access and a high public profile. Accommodation options will be available at various prices at near-by hotels.
The event is realized under the auspices of the Attica Prefecture and foresees also the support of the Athens Municipality.
BALKANNABIS EXPO welcomes sponsors and exhibitors (companies and organizations) from all hemp and medical cannabis sectors: cultivation/ production, manufacturing/ processing, packaging, distribution/ trading, testing and analysis, marketing/ branding, seeds, growing and extraction technologies, natural resources and products, information and awareness

Why support the 1st BALKANNABIS EXPO?

Don't miss the unique opportunity to support and participate in a historic event that will be a focal point for the Balkan and South East Europe Cannabis market. Visitors will have the chance to meet professionals, traders, growers, producers, distributors, activists, scientists and policy-makers from the global cannabis industry. BALKANNABIS EXPO will provide a safe and friendly setting for your business meetings and networking, as well as, a fertile ground to promote your business and trade, and penetrate to new markets.
Greece offers considerable investment opportunities and trade prospects in the hemp and medical cannabis market due to its strategic location, climate and geomorphological conditions, in addition to a new and inclusive institutional framework.
With the new laws for Medical Cannabis and Hemp, Greece will play a strategic and decisive role for the establishment of the industry in the Balkans. The Balkan region can play also a very important role with the supply and export of considerable volumes of hemp raw material thus representing a booming new market. The Medical Cannabis exporting potentials of Greece will explode in the years to come and already there is considerable investment potential and interest.
BALKANNABIS EXPO partners are the leading advocacy, research and professional actors assisting in cannabis law reform in Greece, campaigning for the last 15 years for a sensible and integrated cannabis regulation focused on patient/ consumer protection, prevention and harm reduction, social benefits and cannabis entrepreneurship.
Support the rebirth of Cannabis culture in Greece and let us show how Cannabis can lead the way out of the multidimensional crisis.
For more information please contact:
Organizers: BALKANNABIS OE, Chalkokondyli 25, Athens 10672, Greece.

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